What’s the reason for choosing Comfy Body instead of years-old known brands?

You may not have heard of Comfy Body Massage Chairs because we entered the U.S market not long time ago. Compared to the brand names that have been in U.S for ages, we’re an energized brand new company offers the most luxury massage chairs for the most affordable price on the market. There are some reasons why you choose Comfy Body:

We focus on selling our chairs direct to consumers. We do this in two ways:

Comfy Body Inc focuses on a certain region to sell massage chairs. This keeps our costs streamlined so we can provide premium massage chairs with cutting edge design and functions at prices lower than our competitors.

What is 3D Massage Chair?

In just about every premium massage chair, the rollers or “massage hands” in the backrest roll, knead, and tap in an up and down motion on a fixed tract. In a true 3D chair the massage hands also go toward and away from your back (up, down, plus in and out).

There are only about a half dozen true 3D chairs in the US today and all of our Comfy Body massage chair models have True 3D Massaging technology. However the big difference: Other 3D chairs can run up to $8000. Ours are not.

True 3D chairs like the Comfy Body provide real-time intensity adjustments for the back massage. There can be confusion caused by some chairs that claim to be 3D, which in fact are 2D. Unfortunately it’s virtually impossible to tell if a massage chair is true 3D without removing the back cover and inspecting the movement – that’s why we provide videos on our site, so you can see the action in motion.

Since the release of 3D chairs, many people think that 2D is outdated, however this is not true in very well-designed chairs.

What is Zero Gravity?

You may have heard that Zero-G is the position that Astronauts sit in before take-off, or that the position of the feet above the heart helps with circulation and comfort for the spine. In essence, Zero-G is the natural position the body takes when in a micro gravity environment.

Your body takes this Zero-G position naturally when you are submersed in water and totally relaxed. It’s also the position a fetus takes in the womb, so it is the most natural body position to humans in a relaxed state. Some massage chairs do this fairly well and others, not so much. The upside of Zero-G is that it is an extremely comfortable and relaxing way to sit. The downside is that most “I” track, “S” track and “L” track chairs have not evolved adequately enough to provide an equal pressure massage while the body is in this “Z” position, so getting a massage in a poorly designed Zero-G can be uncomfortable, completely defeating the purpose.

What was the very first Zero-G chair? Probably your great-great grandmother’s rocking chair! The concept isn’t new, it’s just been renamed for the 21st century, and is used a lot when people talk about massage chairs.

Is it important to configure massage strength?

We believe the answer is simply “very important.”

It is important to choose a massage chair that is capable of delivering a strong massage, for optimal therapeutic benefits. A strong massage can always be softened by reducing intensity, as well as by adding extra pads to the back rest. As your back becomes more conditioned to regular massage, you will want a firmer massage. You can always make a strong chair softer with a press of a button, but you can’t make a soft chair stronger.

Our conviction for this concept shows in our massage chairs, which are consistently rated as the strongest in the industry. The Comfy Body Ultimate has a best-in-class 3D depth extension – almost 5 full inches deep. Competing 3D chairs from Panasonic, Osaki and Inada were independently analyzed by The Healthy Back Institute – and were found to have only 2.8 – 4 inches of depth extension. This means no other chair can match the Comfy Body Ultimate’s maximum massage intensity; or match its ability to loosen up those frequently tense trapezius muscles neglected by many chairs.

How long have you been in business?

Comfy Body Inc. has been in business since 2014 – dedicated solely to premium luxury massage chairs that has built with the most advanced technologies available. We have always designed our massage chairs to provide deeper, stronger, and smoother massage experiences than other chairs, and have always sold our chairs direct to the consumers to provide lower pricing and optimal value. Compared to the generations-old traditional massage chair companies, we’re a brand new company with an energized team to offer the most luxury massage chairs for the most affordable price.

Comfy Body designs chairs exclusively for the US market; this shows in our designs, and the allure of our massage mechanisms for US consumer preferences in a massage chair. We are passionate about lifestyle and wellness benefits gained through massage, and look forward to continuing to push the innovation and supporting our customers for years to come.

What’s the advantages of Comfy Body compared to other massage chairs?

Most people who try Comfy Body massage chair vs. the competition immediately notice the ergonomics, roller movement, strength and quality of our massage mechanisms and programming. We design chairs for a comfortable, therapeutic, and more vigorous massage than other premium chairs. The Ultimate incorporates our signature ‘top and bottom of the foot’ massage rollers, invented originally by Comfy Body – known as the biggest premium massage chair.

Comfy Body compares to the Inada and high-end Osaki models quality, features and functions, at a lower price because of our model to sell direct. When you buy a Comfy Body Massage Chair you can take comfort in knowing you own the best. It’s why we can offer a 5 year warranty at no extra cost. Some other massage chairs you may shopped for can look good in pictures and on paper, but our warranty says it all; it’s about quality.

What’s the covering material of Comfy Body chairs?

Our chairs are covered with durable, resilient and long lasting synthetic leather. The material is ideal for massage chairs given the significant amount of massage motion delivered through the material, and what will be many wonderful years of use.

Leather is occasionally used in massage chairs, however the material is prone to stretching over time, which can be problematic in a chair that requires constantly moving mechanisms beneath the leather – and this stretching of the leather material can compromise the massage feel.

Our coverings mimic the look and feel of natural leather, and are virtually maintenance free. The materials on our chairs have been conditioned to withstand the rigors of a frequent massage movements, and do not need to be treated or moisturized. Plus the materials can be cleaned with almost any product, other than alcohol-based products which might affect the color.

Also all of our models have an option to detach the back cover to change or cleaning purposes. Comfy Body will change the covers for only 20$ compared to the unrealistic 200$-350$ service from other companies.

How “Handsome” are your chairs?

Each manufacturer has a different idea of how a massage chair should look, and these visual aspects typically cater to the markets where their chairs are marketed and sold. Since the largest markets for massage chairs are in Asia, many designs incorporate characteristics distinct to those cultural preferences. It is up to you to decide what design you find most attractive, and how important that is to the purchase decision.

One thing to consider: If you want a premium massage chair that truly emulates the touch of human hands and provides a full-body experience, the inner workings can make it difficult to give it the appearance of your average recliner. Typically a premium chair may not seamlessly integrate within existing home décor. Still, we believe in beauty on the outside, while delivering what matters most on the inside – for an extraordinary massage.

A massage chair is comprised of a massage block (the core mechanisms of the massage “hands” and rollers) that moves along an internal track. Premium chairs can incorporate features such as neck, shoulder and torso bags, calf and foot air bags, and rollers for the calves and feet. Most massage chairs are designed to fully recline, with foot rests that raise for stretching motions, and to increase massage intensity by using gravity to achieve deeper muscular massage. All of these mechanisms, along with steel frame, drive belts, wiring, multiple motors, solenoids, air hoses, magnets, heating elements, motherboards, and in some models speakers (as in our Robo-Pad) – are all contained internally. As a result, premium therapeutic massage chairs are generally much larger than the typical recliners in today’s homes, and heavier too!

At Comfy Body, we have our own ideas on the aesthetics and design for our models. We design specifically for the American consumer market, and we believe in striving to achieve the right balance between form and function. We design key appearance aspects of our chairs personally, and have distinct criteria for materials for a richer appearance. We use subtle designs without a lot of “flash” or cluttered details, and listen closely to the feedback from our customers.

Our studies have shown that many customers put their chairs in their bedrooms, living rooms, dens and workout areas. So we create chairs that are designed well and people find attractive, however most importantly deliver what counts – the best, deepest, strongest and most therapeutic massage available in any chair on the market.

Do i need mechanical rollers or air compression?

Ideally, both. Most massage chairs use one of two types of massage mechanisms, mechanical or air bags for compression. Although both types of massage provide benefits, mechanical massage is the preferred choice for true therapeutic massage therapy. Rather than simply squeezing as an air massage would perform, mechanical rollers manipulate your muscles for more effective and deeper massage treatment.

All of our Comfy Body Massage chairs utilize both mechanisms together seamlessly through programs and action for the combined benefits – from the neck to the tips of the toes, including an enclosed footrest with foot rollers and compression for the feet and Achilles tendons.

Where are your massage chairs made?

Comfy Body inc is based in New York, NY and a branch store in Chevy Chase, MD – where are customer support center is located. Our factories are overseas, and we carefully test, assess them on-site regularly in our warehouse facility to ensure they meet our best-in-class standards. The factory is certified to international standards including ISO9001, CE, UL, CUL, ROHS, ETL, and FDA. Comfy Body design team continuously adds design elements to meet cutting-edge innovations in our massage chairs.

What’s the dimensions and weight of your chairs?

We have a wide variety of choices for your convenience and needs.
The Ultimate is 282 lbs and 78″ x 33″ x 36″ the biggest chair while the Deluxe which wieghs 172 lbs and 68″ x 33″ x 29″. They are chairs on the outside, and complex machines on the inside, so heavier than typical furniture their size. Despite their relative heft, our chairs have integrated wheels that make them easy to move. Also we offer white-glove delivery service, and will deliver your chair to any room in your home, right where you want it.